Patients can take charge of their gMG, at home or away1,2


ZILBRYSQ is a once daily subcutaneous self-injection that fits into their daily life and can be taken at home or away.1,2

Ability to use at home or away


Ready-to-use prefilled syringe


Once daily administration in seconds


Keeps at room temp for up to 3 months*

Pharmacy must refrigerate until ready to dispense ZILBRYSQ.1†

ZILBRYSQ prefilled syringes may be stored at room temperature up to 86° F (30° C) in the original carton for a single period of up to 3 months. Once ZILBRYSQ has been stored at room temperature, write the date removed from the refrigerator in the space provided on the carton and discard if not used within 3 months or if the expiration date has passed, whichever occurs first. Do not return ZILBRYSQ to the refrigerator after it has been stored at room temperature.1

Pharmacy must keep ZILBRYSQ refrigerated at 2° C to 8° C (36° F to 46° F) in the original carton until dispensing.1


100% of patients who completed the RAISE study opted into RAISE-XT.3

Patient satisfaction reported with self-administration of ZILBRYSQ4

The Self-Injection Assessment Questionnaire© (SIAQ) was administered to patients who participated in RAISE-XT


were satisfied or very satisfied with the time it took to self-administer ZILBRYSQ


were very or extremely confident in their ability to self-administer ZILBRYSQ

In addition, a majority of the patients surveyed believe that self-injections with ZILBRYSQ were convenient and easy to administer.4 Patients or caregivers may inject ZILBRYSQ after proper training by a healthcare professional.1

Administering ZILBRYSQ1

Patients or caregivers may self-inject ZILBRYSQ after proper training by a healthcare professional. Provide proper training to patients and/or caregivers on the subcutaneous injection technique of ZILBRYSQ according to the Instructions for Use.


ZILBRYSQ can be injected into areas of the:

  • Abdomen
  • Front of the thighs
  • Back of the upper arms (only if administered by a caregiver)

Injection areas selected should not be:

  • Tender
  • Bruised
  • Red
  • Hard
  • Swollen

Areas with scars or stretch marks should be avoided, as well as the 2-inch area around the navel. Rotate injection sites for each administration.


Direct patients to administer ZILBRYSQ at approximately the same time each day. If a dose is missed, patients should administer the dose as soon as possible. ZILBRYSQ should only be administered once per day.


When using ZILBRYSQ prefilled syringes, patients should inject the full contents of the single-dose prefilled syringe and discard after use. Do not reuse.

Simple storage for patient use at home or away1,2

ZILBRYSQ prefilled syringe

  • Portable
  • Ready to use
  • Self-injectable

ZILBRYSQ can be stored at room temperature in the original carton up to 3 months if refrigeration isn’t available.

ZILBRYSQ is available in 3 doses based on patient's weight1

  • 16.6 mg/0.416 mL — Less than 56 kg (123 lbs)
  • 23 mg/0.574 mL — 56 kg to less than 77 kg (123-170 lbs)
  • 32.4 mg/0.81 mL — 77 kg and above (>170lbs)

Complete or update meningococcal vaccination according to current ACIP recommendations at least 2 weeks prior to administering the first dose of ZILBRYSQ.

ZILBRYSQ® prefilled syringe packaging.

Color of packaging differs by dose.

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ONWARD is provided as a service of UCB and is intended to support the appropriate use of UCB medicines. ONWARD may be amended or canceled at any time without notice. Some program and eligibility restrictions may apply.



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